LE YU Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd 乐宇企业咨询有限公司 groups and connect people of vast experiences in the markets we operate. We have our own subsidiaries and professionals in Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and Phnom Penh. We recognize small companies and SMEs need to look for advisors that truly hand­hold them and give them that “Peace­of­Mind” when they expand beyond their borders.

Our values are client­centric and people­centric as we believe in growing together with our clients and our people. Many of our clients know us long before. They came with issues and problems that they never expected and anticipated, believing that “things are much alike at home”. Through time, clients wish to consult us before they embark on new ventures.

Fundamentals - Accounting, Tax and HR

Our fundamental base in accounting, tax and HR helps our clients to look at the very business basics, we call them the a­b­c” business basics when doing business in China, CLMV, Asean, Europe and Americas.

As clients grow and develop, our Assurance Based Consulting, gives clients the much needed advisory to safeguard and protect their business while growing.

Our workforce management services cater to clients’ needs for contingent workforce and specialists.  We assist client to develop the dedicated solutions that strategically put them in a better competitive position.

Our alliance and associations in the region and internationally gives us a reach to many countries and offices where our clients can find help through us.
We are currently associated with:

  • Europefides (member)
  • Singapore Business Federation AccessAsia (member)
  • Practising Management Consultant
  • Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants
  • Qualified Filing Agent accredited by ACRA; Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

Our Strategic Business CataLYst allows clients to develop strategic collaborations and partnerships by tapping on LE YU’s resources and network.

LE YU 乐宇 believes in serving you and growing together with you as you expand regionally, internationally and beyond your home borders; which is very necessary even for small companies. This is so, in the face of greater globalization as well as technological advances and connectivity. We are confident in assisting you to get started quickly and on the right footing. We can bring you the right resources. We bring to our clients the much need strategic collaborations so that they can work with reliable partners to achieve the short term objectives and long term goals. Our values and services has helped many clients to develop with us, long lasting and fruitful relationships. We welcome to contact us and explore ways we can assist you.

Corporate Advisory

  • Business Advisory
  • M&A Advisory & Transaction Support Services
  • Investment Structure & Tax Advisory
  • Risk Management Advisory
  • Risk Management Advisory for Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Review of Internal Controls Systems
  • Development and Implementation Training on Risk Management
  • Independent & Non­executive Directorship
  • Supervisor/Board of Supervisors of Foreign Investor’s China Subsidiaries (WFOEs/JVs) Internal Audit

Corporate Services

  • Entity Set­up & establishment Accounting & Tax Compliance
  • Company Secretarial Service
  • Human Resources & Payroll Management
  • Company De­registration & Liquidation

Workforce Management Services

  • Human Resource & Talent Management Advisory
  • Workforce Management
  • Human Resources/ Payroll Support Services
  • Singapore Immigration Advisory
  • Global Investor Programme

Strategic Business CataLYst

  • Knowledge Seminar, Events and Overseas Expansion Trainings
  • Overseas Expansion Case Studies – Learn from Others’ Experiences
  • Participation into LE YU CataLYst Group and tap our resources and networks
  • “a-b-c” business basics “ABC” – Assurance Based Consulting from LE YU
  • Cross Border Collaboration – Dedicated and defined requests
  • Resources mapping and assistance
  • Strategic Collaboration and Business Matching